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If I Had You by Lynn Kurland

If I Had You

If I Had You
by Lynn Kurlandby

Mass Paperback: 433 pages
Publisher: Berkley Romance
First Released: 2000

Source: Library

Back Cover Blurb:
Artane...a majestic keep on the edge of the sea.

Artane...the foster home of Anne of Fenwyck and the legacy of Robin de Piaget.

Warring had kept Robin far from home for so long, Anne had all but given up hope he would ever return. But now Robin has returned to Artane--to the enchanting young woman who leaves him breathless with longing...and to a treachery that places them both in terrible danger. Then as the past threatens their future, he realizes that he wants nothing more than to have her--forever...

This book is a historical romance of the "beauty tames the beast" variety. As in, Robin verbally abuses Anne and physically abuses his brothers and one of his sisters, but he falls for Anne's beauty. Anne hates Robin because of his treatment of her, but she refuses all other suitors (including a very nice fellow) because "[Robin] is so beautiful!" Robin deliberately ruins Anne's reputation knowing his actions will mean no one else will marry her (even though "nothing happened" between them), yet he doesn't intend to ask her to marry him. Because of this action, though, they're forced at swordpoint to marry.

I'm afraid this isn't what I'd call "romance," even though Robin apologizes in the end. It's abuse, plain and simple. I'd hate for women read this and fantasize that if they just stick with an abusive relationship in real life, they can reform the fellow.

There are no explicit sex scenes, but the main characters do have sex after they're married. There is a fair amount of cursing. I'd rate this as "don't read."

Excerpt: Chapter One
The young woman sat atop her mount and looked down the road that separated her from the castle. She had traversed its length many times over the course of her ten-and-nine years and felt reasonably acquainted with its dips and swellings. She was, however, eager to be free of its confines and, as a result, off her horse, so she viewed it with a keen eye. Judging the distance separating her from her goal to be not unmanageable, she took a firmer grip on her reins and urged her horse forward.

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