Friday, June 14, 2019

Wherever You Go by Tracie Peterson

book cover
Wherever You Go
by Tracie Peterson

ISBN-13: 9780764219030
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Bethany House
Released: June 4, 2019

Source: ebook review copy from the publisher through NetGally.

Book Description from Goodreads:
Mary Reichert is one of the best sharpshooters in the country, and in the Brookstone Wild West Extravaganza her skills are on display in every performance. But unless the man responsible for her brother's death is brought to justice, Mary's fame and accomplishments seem hollow. She feels helpless in the face of the murderer's money, power, and connections. The only bright spot in her days is the handsome journalist who keeps attending their shows.

Christopher Williams has been assigned to follow the Brookstone show on its 1901 tour of England and write a series of articles for his magazine. As he gets to know the cast he quickly finds himself irresistibly drawn to the show's sharpshooter. But getting close to someone would threaten to bring his past to light. How could he ever win Mary's heart if she knows the truth? Mary and Chris will both have to trust God if they are to heal from the wounds of the past and chart a new future together.

My Review:
Wherever You Go is a Christian romance set in 1901 in America and England. There were two main romances in this book, with the focus more on Lizzy, Wes, and Jason rather than Mary and Chris. The conflict in the story was created by Jason wanting Lizzy to marry him and going to great lengths to separate Lizzy and Wes. Jason felt that Lizzy would naturally fall for him once she saw his family's wealth when the show traveled to England, so he felt justified in creating discord between her and Wes.

Mary knew who killed her brother, but the law wouldn't touch them. Chris sent a friend to investigate, but the point of the story was for Mary to trust that God cared and would ultimately bring justice. Chris had to learn that God (and Mary) didn't hold him responsible for the sins of his father and brothers.

The characters were engaging and reacted realistically to events. Historical details were woven into the story and brought the Wild West show alive in my imagination. The relationship tensions and the physical danger from the tricks added suspense. There was no sex or bad language. Overall, I'd recommend this enjoyable story.

If you've read this book, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the book in the comments.

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