Sunday, December 29, 2013

Home for the Homicide by Jennie Bentley

book cover
Home for the Homicide
by Jennie Bentley

ISBN-13: 9780425260494
Mass Market Paperback:
304 pages
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime
Released: December 3, 2013

Source: Review copy from the publisher.

Book Description, Modified from Back Cover:
For Avery and her husband Derek, renovating the Craftsman Bungalow was like stepping back in time. The quaint old home was just as its original owners had left it—from the beautiful butler’s pantry to the surprisingly exquisite ribbon tile. But it’s the attic that yields the most heart-stopping surprise.

In a discreetly hidden antique crate, Avery finds a clue to a decades-old missing persons case. As Avery works on the house and delves deeper into the sinister story, it becomes clear that someone very crafty wants the Craftsman home’s secrets to stay that way!

My Review:
Home for the Homicide is a cozy mystery. It's the seventh in a series, but you don't need to read the previous books to understand this one and this story didn't spoil the whodunits of the previous novels.

The history behind the mystery was an interesting event that I could see really happening. Based on the current-day and historical clues, I had a pretty good idea of who was whodunit and why before Avery even got started on the right track. But no one said Avery was a great sleuth, just very nosy. She wanted to know things that were none of her business and she'd pout (yes, pout) and manipulate people to get her own way. She wasn't mean, just self-centered, insecure, and childish. I didn't dislike her, but I didn't admire her, either, and that detracted from my enjoyment of the mystery.

There were no sex scenes. There was a minor amount of explicit bad language. I'd recommend this mystery to people who like both mysteries and doing home decorating projects (since several are described in detail in the story).

If you've read this book, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the book in the comments.

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Becca Lostinbooks said...

The plot sounds interesting (and I am liking the title!) but I don't know how I feel about a childish heroine.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

This sounds kind of interesting!

Debbie said...

It might be at your library. That way you could try it out to see if you like it or not.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. :)