Friday, July 31, 2009

Clean Reading Recommendations

I obviously can't read every book ever published, so I've started asking other people if they've read any "clean" books recently. ("Clean" meaning no to minimal cussing and no explicit sex scenes.)

This week, I'm featuring romantic comedy books written by Trisha Ashley. When I asked on Twitter for clean reading recommendations, she said, "There is no graphic sex in any of my novels - I close the door and tiptoe away..."

(I included her descriptions of the books.)

Wedding Tiers. Josie's leading an idyllic life in the Lancashire countryside, being self-sufficient in the garden and making weird and wonderful wedding cakes, until her Eden turns into a case of Paradise Lost.

A Winter's Tale. When Sophy inherits a dilapidated old house complete with ghostly ancestor, a surly head gardener hell-bent on completing the sixteenth-century knot garden, restoration seems to be the least of her worries...

Happy Endings. Giddy exploits of sex'n'gardening novelist Tina Devino. (Tina is a bit naughty.)

Sowing Secrets (in hardback as Generous Gardener). A War of the Roses ensues when a TV gardener arrives in a Welsh village.

Sweet Nothings. A cheating husband gets his just desserts.

Singled Out. Horror writer Cass Leigh faces up to her demons.

Every Woman for Herself. Their father set out to recreate the Bronte family in the wilds of West Yorkshire but even the best laid plans can go awry.

The Urge to Jump. Sappho's never thought of having a baby until her friends suggest she might have left it a little late, but while she bossily sets about sorting out everyone else's problems, fate might just be sneaking up on her.

Good Husband Material. Her first love was all wrong, so why doesn't marriage to Mr Right make her happy?

Thank you, Trisha Ashley, for taking the time to send me this information.

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