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Darcy and Anne by Judith Brocklehurst

Darcy and Anne

Darcy and Anne
by Judith Brocklehurst

Trade Paperback: 190 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
First Released: 2009

Source: ARC from publisher

Back Cover Description:
He's like a big brother to her...

Fitzwilliam Darcy never disliked his cousin Anne de Bourgh. He certainly never wanted to marry her, but when she turns up at Pemberley alone, of course he won't send her back to her miserable life at Rosings.

Without his help, she'll never get away from her mother...

Anne has never had a chance to figure out what she wants for herself, until a fortuitous accident on the way to Pemberley separates Anne from her formidable mother. With her stalwart cousin Darcy and his lively wife Elizabeth on her side, she begins to feel she might be able to spread her wings...

But Lady Catherine's pride and determination to find Anne a suitable husband threaten to overwhelm Anne's newfound freedom and budding sense of self. And without Darcy and Elizabeth's help, Anne will never have a chance to find true love...

This novel is a historical romance set in the world of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. It's a "sequel" focusing on Anne de Bourgh's fate now that Darcy is no longer her intended.

The story was not written in quite the same tone as Pride and Prejudice, but the author stays very true to the characters and timeline of that book. She does occasionally have the characters act in ways I don't think they would, but that's more a difference in opinion about certain character's never-discussed motives than a departure from what was established in Pride and Prejudice.

It was a sweet and amusing tale with a likable heroine. The world-building was good, though I noticed several minor historical details that were off. Still, it wasn't noticeable unless you're a detail-freak like me.

The pacing was quick; almost too quick, in my opinion. Anne's transformation from sickly, dependent girl to healthy, independent woman came about rather quickly, though it wasn't forced.

There was no sex or cussing. Overall, I'd recommend this novel as "good, clean fun."

If you've read this book, what do you think about it? I'd be honored if you wrote your own opinion of the book in the comments.

Excerpt: Chapter One
Lady Catherine de Bourgh to Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy:

My dear Nephew,

The disagreement between us regarding your marriage has gone on long enough. I disapproved; but that is in the past.

I am convinced that, after two years at Pemberley, your wife has become a worthy representative of our family. I am supported in this view by a letter from my old friend, Lady Louisa Benton, who lives, as you know, in your part of the world. Lady Louisa tells me that at a reception she recently attended "your pretty niece, Mrs. Darcy" was dressed with taste and elegance, and much admired for her ease of manner and witty conversation.

Let us let bygones be bygones. Her want of family connections is no longer a consideration; a wife, after all, takes the rank of her husband. The fact of her sister's disgraceful elopement with the son of your father's steward is known to no one in our set, except myself, and I shall never mention it outside the family. I have re-considered; I have made my resolution; I shall visit you.

Our visit will take place very soon, for another circumstance has arisen: Mrs Jenkinson, Anne's companion, has left us.


Anonymous said...

I just finished Darcy And Anne this weekend and loved it! I agree with you -- it was a fun, light and clean read with plenty of amusing spots to keep me interested.

Anne's changes did seem to come about rather quickly, but it didn't bother me too much. I was just grateful to see her get away from Lady Catherine! And I was pleased with her budding romance. I found it believable and sweet!

Genre Reviewer said...


Thanks for reading my review and commenting.

The quick changes in Anne didn't bother me, either, because they weren't forced and the story was charming. But it was also something obvious enough that I felt it worth commenting on. :)

Book Escape said...

I hadn't heard of this one. It does sound like a good sequel. Thanks for the review!